CUMI, Pluss Technologies Aim to Grow Market in Phase Change Materials

Subbu Venkatachalam says the R&D infrastructure and the scalability in terms of production, the knowledge that CUMI has, has helped Pluss Technologies improve our processes from the technological side.

Can you tell us about CUMI and its plans for Pluss Technologies?

Subbu: CUMI is a material sciences company, and one of our newer solutions is PCMs (Phase Change Materials). These advanced materials have come into play over the last two decades, and very few people have understood what these materials can do and how to channel them in the market.

We started working with Pluss technology a few years ago, and now they’re working in partnership with us, building solutions with PCMs, which can be applied to a million applications if one wants to. 

Samit: CUMI also has vast experience in materials, and over the last 1.5 years since Pluss Technologies was acquired, we have already worked with our labs in Hosur, Tiruvottriyur, Ranipet and Kochi and created newer materials. 

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