India’s Defence Sector is Embracing Self-reliance in Manufacturing and Technology

From high-tech weaponry to advanced weapon systems, the last two decades have seen India’s defence forces increasingly equip themselves with modern technologies, and rapidly advance their technological capabilities.

By Dr. Santanu Mandal

India has the largest defence budget, behind only the USA and China. However, it is also the largest defence importer in the world, which impacts its current account deficits. To overcome this, the Govt. of India, through its Defence Production Policy of 2018 (DPrP-2018) set the goal to become one of the top five global producers of Aerospace and Defence Manufacturing.

Like other sectors, defence has also embraced the role of technology from materials science and sourcing to high-tech applications and systems.

(This authored article was originally published in The Financial Express on May 29, 2023. Read the complete feature here.)